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Salary Processing


Initiation of Payroll Process:

Collating Master Data from Company/ Organisation in the Commencement of Payroll Process form (COPP).

Collating regular salary data including salary structure, leave entitlement and position as on date/ month of initiation of the payroll process as also any outstandings for employees which affect the payroll.

Understanding the payroll process followed by the Company till date and the timelines for monthly data transfer and reports to be sent to the Company and deciding on the checklist/ tasklist for monthly processing.

Explaining the various processes that we undertake to the Client.

Data is fed into the master software for payroll initiation and reporting requirements.

Audit of the present status of the various compliances done by the Company including Provident Fund, ESIC, TDS, MLWF.

Monthly Processing of Payroll:

Data received from Client as per in the Payroll Checklist/ tasklist as per timeline set with Client.

Data Validation – verification and confirmation of data received.

The Data received generally consists of:

·Employee wise attendance or leave report including details of utilization of leave entitlement whether leave with pay or without pay.

·Employee advances or deductions due to advances given previously.

·New Joinees data.

· Resignations/ Terminations.

·Input Monthly Data into the Software.

·Process salary in the software.

·Generate Payroll.

·Generate Tax Projections.

·Validation of Payroll.


·Generate first payroll report including exception report for Client approval.

·Email all reports including payroll, exception, tax projections to Client.

·On approval, make necessary changes before generation of final payroll report.

·Generate final reports including payslips for employees.

·Generate Bank Transfer Report in required format.

·Generate statutory chalans for PF, ESIC, TDS.

·Email/ Send Hard Copies of all reports as per requirements.

·Reports include Leave Register, Monthly Salary Register, Tax Projections, etc.

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